Gettin.Good deal o.Car lease this summer may take some doing.

Prices on car leases are up and in some instances way up fro.Year ago, based on abrams consulting group, based in purchase, N.Y., that monitors car rental rates.

The biggest rate climbs are on vehicles leased from airport regions.

In early july, the normal speed fo.One-way leasing o.Midsize automobile booke.Week in advance from an airport location was., up from $.Year past.

That extra $. Per day can pu.Real dent in your vacation budget.

And choosing fo.Weekly car rental fro.Airport may b.Real shock to your wallet also.

"There is sticker shock," says neil abrams, president of abrams consulting.

Choosing to ren.Car fro.Service not located at an airport can save yo.Bit of cash, but even those rates are greater than they had been year past.

On jul.The normal rate fo.Weekly rental o.Compact car booke.Week beforehand fro.Non-airport place was., up from $.

And if greater rates weren’t bad enough, then there are fewer automobiles available for renting this particular summer. Rental car companies have dropped their lease car fleets by about per cent to curtail costs, according to abrams.

To hav.Good deal o.Rental car on your summer vacation, you’ll have to b.Savvy shopper.

Do plenty of internet research. Web sites such as orbitz, expedia, travelocity, vroom vroom vroom, carrentals.Com and bookingbuddy.Com permit you to look for the very best rental car deals offered by airport or city location.

Study the research results from each of those sites carefully.

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Together with airport

You might even search an individual rental vehicle firm ‘s web site for rate quotes in addition to sales and discounts. Remember that the internet quote is often lower than the rate you’d get by buildin.Booking over the telephone.

Onl.Couple minutes of internet research could save some serious money on your next car rental. So get cracking.

Use discounts. Belong to AAA or AARP or costco? Now is the opportunity to scour all your frequent flier clubs, credit cards and membership associations for discounts on car rentals. Eve. Percent discount o.Rebate of.Weekly rental can help to offset rising rental car costs.

"There ar.Number of discounts which rental agencies offer," says joel widzer, author of "the penny pincher’s passport to luxury travel. " "find those discounts. "

Snap up deals on weekend and weekly rates. Some rental car businesses offer rock bottom rates on the weekends, as far as percent lower than the daily rates provided throughout the week.

"If you have flexible dates, then you’re better off moving on the weekend," helperin says.

And overlook ‘t miss specials on weekly rates. Daily rental rates are so pricey that rentin.Vehicle for five times (and paying the daily rate multiplied by five) may be costlier than the weekly rental rate.

Make certain to pinch the numbers closely.

Consider off-airport rental locations. With car rental rates at airports so high, it’.Great idea to test out car rental deals in the city or near the destination you’ll be seeing.

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Tak.Couple of minutes t.Discover the very best available rate in the off-airport rental vehicle agency for the upcoming holiday season.

Next, factor in how much it will cost to traveling by bus, taxi or subway to your hotel or destination and also to the rental vehicle agency to pick up your vehicle.

Some rental car companies have agencies in or near big hotels. Other rental agencies may allow you to pick up and drop off your car right at your hotel. Make sure you ask.

Together with airport rental car charges so high, there’.Great possibility you’ll save yoursel.Little rent a car money by renting from an off-airport place. Just be certain it’s not too much o.Hassle for and from the rental vehicle agency. This is your vacation after all.

Look beyond domestic chains. Make sure you tak.Look at rental car deals available from smaller, regional chains and local independent agencies. They might have lower prices than the huge national chains.

"They might not have all of the bells and whistles, but they’re great companies and you may save money," abrams says. "A vehicle i.Vehicle. "

To look for rental car deals from smaller chains and independent car rental agencies, check out carrentalexpress.Com, which enables you to hunt for local rental car deals by airport, city and even your speech.

Another means to monito.Smaller rental vehicle agency near your vacation destination is to reques.Recommendation from the hotel or hotel in which you’ll be remaining.

The local agency might even be eager to drop off the car at your hotel.

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Book early. Once you decide on your vacation plans, reserve your car lease. Wait until the final minute and you may get stuck paying higher rates, and you might ge.Tougher time finding the automobile that you want.

"Book early," abrams says. "You always have the option to cancel. Lock in the rate. "

So be sure to make your car rental booking weeks before your vacation. If you discove.Better deal closer to your trip you could always snap up that deal and then cancel your additional reservation.

"Most times it is possible to cancel without penalty," says anne banas, executive director of smartertravel.Com. "Always assess that upfront simply to be sure. "

Set your own price.Hav.Look at web sites such as priceline.Com and hotwire.Com. These sites offer you nifty discounts on car rentals to consumers that are eager to be secured int.Preset price before finding out that national car rental chain will be supplying the vehicle.

Companies such as alamo, avis, budget and hertz provide vehicles to priceline.Com and hotwire.Com clients.

"You know what the automobile type is and for most people that’s great enough,” " banas says. "In most cases, that’s in which you can get some of the greatest rates. "